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​Nature Summer Camp in Minneapolis

Summer Camp Dates: see all info on "Rates" page  

​We provide the magical space for your children to enjoy summer with a group of children creating their own spectacular visions of play ideas and learning from the myriads of art, nature, and environmental science projects. The quality of the experience is being in a truly natural and magical setting, receiving dedicated attention, and participating in diverse activities.

The children plant and care for the gardens of flowers, herbs, berries, and vegetables. We take trips to the fantastic Hiawatha Park to picnic, play on the playground, and run around the grass and trees. The children learn from and enjoy the natural surroundings brimming with wildlife and all with the backdrop of the beautiful lake.         

At Green Earth Summer Camp, we separate the weeks into the four elements to focus on these mediums in art, play, and education. After all, the four elements

encompass all possibilities for projects. We repeat the elemental weeks, as there are more than four weeks of summer camp, but introduce new activities. 

Imagine your child making: a painted, cardboard box castle, building a teepee or lean-to, cooking oat bars in a solar oven, building a kite from scratch, harvesting from the gardens and learning about herbs and vegetables, working in the woodshop, making mosaics and sculpting with clay, playing in the water, sand, and, mud, and seeing bald eagles and loons while playing tag on the grass at the lake.





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