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Our Mission: We are an inclusive community and accept and welcome all people of any race, ethnicity, religion, 

​At Green Earth Preschool, we lovingly create a space for children to truly be children. Our Preschool program follows a steady, daily and weekly rhythm enriched with free play, dedicated art mediums, cooking with the seasons, music, yoga, circle-time, story/puppet shows, and dedicated outside time - while weaving the nature curriculum into every aspect of our day. Each child naturally learns to garner a deep and profound appreciation and understanding of the natural world while receiving an effective and well-rounded education.

Our Preschool program is led by highly educated and experienced teachers who understand the patience, warmth, and love needed to guide the children through their first experiences of social learning. Our Preschool teachers consciously act as worthy role models for the children, who learn through imitation, and by using positive reinforcement, each child is given the space to learn by being gently guided to navigate social play. After children discover how to interact with each other respectfully and compassionately,  the result is a peaceful atmosphere where they are allowed to be immersed in their imaginative play and learn.

It is part of our mission to foster a close parent and family community by holding family festivals through the year. Green Earth Preschool families socialize before and after preschool while their children play together. Green Earth provides opportunities for community and parent education via classes, newsletters, articles, and conferences.. Read more on our "Preschool" Page.


 ...This beautiful, natural, calming and imaginative space allows children to be what they want to be, to practice the skills they wish to practice, whether it's climbing, building, reading, cooking, playing musical instruments, dressing up in costumes, painting or creating with art materials, woodworking or gardening. Miss Renee is just amazing with the children. She is so calm and loving and brings a peaceful mood to the whole environment. The children immediately love her, and she loves them! She's a very experienced teacher and knows how to lovingly handle the little situations that always come up in a preschool setting with both parents and children. We are very blessed to have found Green Earth Children's Academy! Our little one is thrilled, and so are we! (parent review excerpt, Go City Kids)


We nurture and educate young children in the most supportive manner to their age development.

  • Developing large motor skills through imaginative, physical play.

  • Refining small motor skills in circle and by creating arts and crafts.

  • Learning through daily imitation, stories, and games.

  • Cooperation that promotes social confidence, compassion, and emotional strength.

Minneapolis Preschool

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