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Miss Renee Perrone (founder and lead teacher)

Renee Perrone has a stellar teaching reputation in the Twin Cities among parents and children alike through her colorful and extensive teaching history. She absolutely loves teaching children and parents but also loves learning from them, too!  She has a degree in Early Childhood Education, has a four-year Waldorf Teaching Certification, and is attaining a master's in psychology with an emphasis on early childhood development.

Miss Renee has taught in a multitude of settings for over twenty-five years including ten years as a Waldorf kindergarten teacher, elementary grades in the Waldorf schools, Montessori schools, Reggio Emilia programs, public schools, nature programs, and as an art and music teacher. She was the Administrator for Schubert Club Children's Choir and has been the owner, director, and main teacher at Green Earth Children's Academy for over twelve years.​ 

Growing up in a nature-loving family, Miss Renee realized at a young age she was destined to work and be involved with nature. She worked at a nature center, and ran several summer camps with curriculum revolving around helping children experience nature. She has realized her dream of connecting children to nature in the urban environment and having a deep connection to all living things. 


Miss Renee has founded and taught programs such as:
  • Little Sprouts Parent and Toddler Program

  • Waldorf Kindergarten

  • Schubert Club's Minneapolis Choirs

  • Schubert Club's Songwriting Program

  • Music is Life Program for Children

  • Green Earth Kid's Recording Studios

  • Green Earth Instrument Lessons

  • Monarch Home School

  • Green Earth Preschool and Summer Camp. 

Miss Renee is the mother of two and compassionately and empathetically meets the needs of parents and children through this most valuable life experience of going to Preschool.


 ...What I have learned is that no one philosophy can fully meet the needs of our contemporary generation, and some philosophies are simply outdated. Through teaching and learning in so many schools and by various philosophies, I have taken the gems from each approach and weaved them together to create Green Earth Preschool's Intuitive Education. I am constantly learning, training, and honing my skills as a teacher, but most of all, I learn from the children. I ask myself when I'm teaching, "What does this child need?" or, "What does this group truly need?" Moreover, each child needs to feel acceptance and love. I can pull much from prior experience, but this mindset keeps my teaching fresh and spontaneous when it needs to be. The children can sense that.

- Miss Renee Perrone







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