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While these alumni parents graciously sent us recommendations for our website, please, feel free to search the web for other reviews parents were inspired to write.:))

Christine Johnson:

"My son Liam has known Miss. Renee for a number of years (he is a wise age of 4!).  His imagination is sparked every time they meet.  It could be through a song, a puppet, or his favorite outdoor play.  She is brilliant at devising new ways he can explore his world.  He is among the children playing in the photos of the giant sand play area, which he thoroughly enjoyed.  My kids like to be busy and Miss. Renee helps them do just that.  She is truly gifted.  Her capability to understand children and reach them/teach them at her own level is amazing to watch.  I (and Liam!) highly and whole-heartedly recommend her as a teacher."

Sheila Weindorf:

"My daughters Aurora and Ada were both blessed to have Miss. Renee as their teacher.  I can't imagine a better person to harbor and guide little children than she.  Renee has a deeply loving nature, and a gentle firmness with children that helps them flourish.  She has profoundly impacted my girls early childhood experiences, and for the better!  Her program at Green Earth provides a solid ground for children, enlivened with love."

Emma Milliken:

"My daughter was blessed to spend 2 years with Miss. Renee.  It was a wonderful experience, nurturing, loving and joyous, just as a childhood should be.  I don't hesitate in recommending her to anyone.  Renee has a beautiful calm presence, constant and reassuring for children (and parents), she holds a magic that the children tap into.  For me those 2 years gave my daughters such a beautiful, solid platform from which to grow.  I really struggle to speak highly enough of her."

Maggie Heike Johnson:

"We love Miss. Renee!  She is an extremely gifted, talented, and well-studied teacher and has the most magical connection with children I have ever seen.  She carries with her a sense of whimsy and at the same time a sense of calm; children blossom in this harmony.​  We are grateful to have her in our lives and I am especially grateful to be blessed by having her spend each day with my child."

Brenda Saavedra-Weiss:

"I will be eternally grateful for the fact that Miss. Renee taught both my daughters.  The experience she provided both of them was one of beauty, harmony, song, work, play, sharing stories, and pure happiness.  As I have been reflecting over the three years my daughters spend with her, my eyes are constantly filling with tears.  Happy tears, because our experience with her has surpassed any hopes or expectations we had.  Sad tears because I had to acknowledge that my daughter has grown older and has to leave the teacher she viewed as a second mother.  The only way I can take comfort is that the memories they have shared with her will not be forgotten as they still sing songs that she taught them.  Miss. Renee is truly a genius when it comes to children.  She knows how they think, what they need and don't need.  She has taught me and my husband a great deal and my hope is that more families will continue to be connected to her throughout the years to come."

Paula Christiansen:

"While working with Miss. Renee I had the opportunity to see her ability to be present to the children, exemplified by how she spoke and connected with each so lovingly.  She is able to engage them with a song that leads them to deeper considerations for life as they come to know it through the eyes of a capable adult.  Really where Renee shines is in her special gift to really empower these young ones to craft their dreams under her care in a very real way."

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