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Festivals and Community​

Annual Festivals

At Green Earth Preschool, we have five festivals each year that coincide with the changing seasons. These festivals are memorable events for parents and relatives to attend and are meant to be experienced as a family with your children. We always add an element of magic to our festivals whether the children meet Mother Nature, spy fairies, or practice their etiquette for the Queen.

  • Open House (celebration to kick off the school year)

  • Autumn Harvest Festival
  • Winter Lantern Fairy Festival
  • Spring Maypole Festival
  • Graduation and High Tea Festival


Birthday Celebrations

We believe that birthdays are worthy of being celebrated all together at school. Each child has a special birthday celebration at Green Earth and parents and grandparents are invited to attend! This touching event brings tears to parents' eyes as they recount each year of their children's lives and we share in a special birth story and delicious, healthy birthday snack. Ritual and song add to this celebration and each child eagerly looks forward to wearing the golden crown and rainbow cape on their special day.

Other Special Days

There are many special days at Green Earth Preschool that we celebrate at school with just the children. We are a non-denominational school but celebrate holidays such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Holiday Party, Chinese New Year, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day, Spring Equinox, and May Day. We welcome new celebrations and are open to parents bringing their culture and festivals to us!






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